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Public Space Surveillance Solutions that add Value to the community.
Safer Spaces, smarter solutions, real-time interventions
We work partners to improve Public Spaces, through fixed and mobile CCTV deployments.


Solutions to meet the requirements of regulatory compliance, social need and increasingly a challenging fiscal enviroment


Find out how we can help build safer communities, reduce costs and improve outcomes.
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Tailored Solutions to meet the challenges of local neighbourhoods

Designed to meet speciufic challenges all our Public Space CCTV systems can be integrated to form local, regional and even national networks.
We have the experience. local knowledge and technical expertise to make Public Spaces safer, more appealing and an asset to the community.
We understand, the implementation of public space surveillance systems require careful consideration of the legal, ethical, technical, and cost-related factors to balance the need for public safety with individual privacy rights.

Key Benefits

We create public space CCTV surveillance systems that provide significant benefits for public safety, crime prevention and investigation, emergency response, traffic, and crowd management, increased accountability, and reduced maintenance and staffing costs.

The presence of surveillance cameras in public spaces can deter criminal activity and improve public safety by providing real-time monitoring of suspicious behaviour and quick response to incidents.
Surveillance footage can be used to prevent and investigate crime by identifying suspects, gathering evidence, and providing information for prosecution.
Public space surveillance systems can help emergency responders by providing real-time information about incidents and enabling them to make informed decisions.
Surveillance systems can be used for traffic management, including monitoring traffic flow and detecting accidents, which can improve traffic safety and reduce congestion.
Surveillance systems can be used to monitor and manage crowds in public spaces, such as during large events or protests.
Increased accountability: Surveillance footage can be used to hold individuals and organizations accountable for their actions in public spaces, including law enforcement and security officers. transport and service companies providing services in the locality.
Our rapid deployment cameras can be integrated into your existing systems to increase the effectiveness, or promote collaborative working. Schedule A Visit

Self managed or fully managed solutions let you choose.

New workshops and monitoring hub opening soon.

Our new offices and workshop in Hailsham will enable us to provide improved levels of service and response to customers in the smaller towns and villages surrounding Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings, and Lewes.


May 2023

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We can help at every stage of the process, from new design to repair and upgrade of your existing equipment.

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